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Affordable Decor Roundup

Affordable Decor Roundup

We all like buying new things but our wallet (and maybe your husband) don’t :) I wanted to do a series where I do affordable decor round ups. I will try and do it once every couple of weeks and post my current top five favorite items at amazing prices. I will link all of the items as well.

1.) IKEA Frame

If you are looking for affordable frames that still look good, IKEA is the place to go. One of my favorites is the Ribba Frame from Ikea. It has a thin edge and is so affordable! You really can’t beat their prices.

Image via  IKEA

Image via IKEA

2.) Target Vase

Target has great deals on a lot of their vases but this Project 62 one below is one of my favorites. I like that the beige color can go pretty much anywhere. You can move it around your house and its only $17.99. Right now mine has faux eucalyptus coming out but you can also leave it on its own, or have casa beads coming out. There are a lot of different options.

This is the vase in our bathroom, I LOVE it.

This is the vase in our bathroom, I LOVE it.

3.) Decorative Wooden Bowl

This is one of my favorite items in my house. I have it in my Guest room and I put a plant some casa beads and a candle inside but you can style it any way you want. A staple wooden bowl is a great item that can be moved around the home. This one from Hobby Lobby is large but also a great price. Right now its 50% off and usually if you wait it will go on sale again.

Image via  Hobby Lobby

Image via Hobby Lobby

4.) H&M Pillows

There are sooooo many amazing places to buy pillow covers but if you are looking for affordable H&M is your best bet! The quality is not as good as small shops but you can’t beat the prices. So if you are looking for a quick change for the seasons this is a great place to shop. Below is one of my favorites from H&M right now.

Image via  HM Home

Image via HM Home

5.) Plant Stand

Last, but certainly not least is this plant stand from Amazon. I love it because it matches literally everything. Plus, it comes with a pot and a stand, and its on PRIME so pretty much win, win, win! On a side note, if you want plants in your house but are unsure of your green thumb a snake plant is a great place to start. It would look amazing in this pot!

Image via  Amazon

Image via Amazon

There you have it, my top five things I am loving right now at affordable prices. Leave me comments below of things you would like me to find deals on! That way I can apply those comments for my next roundup!



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