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DIY Midcentury Modern Bench

DIY Midcentury Modern Bench

A lot of people asked me to post about DIY projects that I have done so I thought I would post about my super simple DIY bench. I made this bench for $35 and in three easy steps you can too!

1.) Get the wood

The first step was going to Home Depot and getting the cut of wood that you want. We got Popler wood and it was under $10. We cut it ourselves but I am sure they can cut it down for you if you don’t have a wood cutter. The size that I cut mine to was 40 inches x 12 inches. Then sand down the wood. You can either use a hand sander or you can use an orbital sander. I just hand sanded mine and it took ten minutes.

2.) Stain it or cover it with Polyurethane

I decided to keep the natural wood color so I didn’t stain mine and just covered it with Polyurethane. If you do decide to stain it, choose the color stain you want, stain it then wait for it to dry. Once dry flip it and do the same with the other side. Then repeat the process with polyurethane to protect it and give it a glossy look.

3.) Add the Hairpin Legs

I got four 16 inch hairpin legs off of Amazon. (Click Amazon for the link) They were only $24.99 woo hoo! You drill them in with 3/4 inch wood screws and that is all folks!

So a total of only $24.99 plus the cost of the wood, so under $35 to make the entire bench. It cannot hold a ton of weight but if you are using it just for styling purposes it is perfect. Let me know if you have any questions.



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