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Affordable Lighting

Affordable Lighting

Lighting is something that can have a big impact on a space you are designing. Changing out a simple light can create a whole new look for the room. A simple light can change the overall aesthetics of the room, making it seem larger or smaller, brighter or darker. It can change the entire mood of a space that you are designing. It is an essential element in the design process and works in conjunction with the color palette, size, and furniture of the room. However, lighting can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! Below are five different types of lights at very affordable prices. I have most of these products in my home, and the ones I don’t have I want, as soon as possible! (Sorry George!) So lets take a look at some inexpensive lighting that creates that wow factor we all strive for.

  1. Dining Room Light Fixtures

The dining room is one of the places you hang out in the most, so you want a look that gets noticed, in a good way. I just recently purchased this dining room light fixture from IKEA. It only cost $39.99! It has a very modern feel to it but it isn’t so overwhelming that it takes over the entire space. It comes in black and in white. My previous light fixture was too large and too bright for this space, making it seem crowded. By switching it out for a simple, modern look, the space appears bigger and the natural light has a chance to shine (literally)

Image from  Up Interiors

Image from Up Interiors

2. Cheap Floor Lamps

These lamps are the easiest to move around since you just plug them into a wall. They can also make a huge difference in a space. I am loving this contemporary floor lamp from Target. I actually scored this one at Orange County GoodWill for $30, but it only costs $79 at Target. Target is one of my go to places for lamps because they are affordable and always look well made.

Picture of my home via my Instagram  BurnettBungalow

Picture of my home via my Instagram BurnettBungalow

3. Bathroom Lights

Bathroom Light fixtures are another quick way to update your space. I currently have a light fixture that I am not too fond of in our master bathroom. I want to change it out for this one, and you really cannot beat the price for $100 plus free two day PRIME shipping from Amazon. I love the industrial modern look of it and I think the black would be a good contrast against my gold mirror. It would change the whole look of our small bathroom.

4. Desk Light

A desk lamp can change the look of a work space from something boring and necessary to something fun and chic. I am in love with this desk lamp I just received from Heng Balance Lamp. You, guys it is just fun to turn on and off plus I love the design of it. I also love that this lamp can be used as a nightlight, reading light, bedside light, and more since it isn’t too bright. It works for all types of rooms and is very versatile in style. Decorate your room with this relaxing warm glow and like I said, you just turn it on by connecting the two spheres, it is like magic :) and it is only $69.99.

5. Wall Lights

These Wray Black and Antique Brass Plug-In Wall Lamp are an absolute favorite of mine, mainly because they are plug in! I wanted a more MCM look in my bedroom and something that also produced a good amount of light. However, I didn’t want to have to hard wire anything. Lamps Plus to the rescue! I loved the look of these as well as the price, these are only $99.99 for the set. These are both gorgeous and functional, adding the light I needed and the modern look I was aiming for.

Image via  Lamps Plus

Image via Lamps Plus

So there you have five quick and easy ways to use lights to change up a space. Plus, they are all very affordable options. Which look is your favorite, leave in the comments below. Thank you!


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