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Cheap Summer Essentials

Cheap Summer Essentials

Summer is just around the corner and the sun is trying to peek through. I have had summer on my mind for a couple of months now and have been browsing stores and the internet finding my summer go to items. I also want to say, none of this is sponsored, these are just items I love, and I wanted to share the love with all of you. So here are my top summer essentials at affordable prices!

1.) Big Buddha Shoes from WalMart

This brand is featured at WalMart and they have some amazing shoes for even more amazing prices. My top three favorites are their Big Buddha Weave Mule, for only $14.94 , their Big Buddha Heel Clog for $10.94 and their Big Buddha H Band sandals for $11.00. You cannot find a better price anywhere for a summer shoe that is this cute.

Big Buddha H Sandal Big Buddha Heel Clog Big Buddha Weave Mule

2.) H & M Summer Wrap Dress

This dress is so pretty and its only $29.99 yay! I tend to gravitate towards wrap dresses because I find that they fit almost anyone since you can adjust them. I like this one because you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion.

3.) Beach Towel/Blanket from Mayde

I recently got two beach towels/blankets from this company and it is amazing for so many reasons. The price of it is so affordable for the quality of the brand, they are 100% cotton and made in Turkey. It can be a beach towel, picnic blanket or a throw, so the fact that it is so versatile is awesome. This is my new favorite go-to company for towels and blankets. The one below is on sale right now for $25!

4.) Bathing Suits from Cupshe

You guys! I own about five bathing suits from this company because they are so affordable! The three I am showing below are less than $30 for both the bottom and the top! Now, they don’t let you mix and match sizes so that is the tricky part, I go with a medium and that fits well. However, you really can’t beat the look for the price, and they are always running sales. They also sell cover-ups, dresses, one pieces, high waisted suites, you name it they have it and for a great price.

5.) Summer Bag

This bag is perfect for summer because it can either be a beach bag or a purse. The neutral color of it goes with pretty much anything you own and the price….well I mean $10 from wish. AMAZING!!!!

There you have it, my five essentials for summer. So tell me, what is your summer essential and which one of these is your favorite? Have a wonderful weekend everyone.



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