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Neutral Rug Round Up

Neutral Rug Round Up

As summer is approaching, or pretty much here, I am finding myself more drawn towards neutrals. This season I have been adding in more neutrals with pops of color and one of the main things that I have been loving are neutral rugs. I wanted to round up my six favorite neutral rugs. I own three of them and three are on my wish list. They can be layered, stand by themselves, be surrounded by color, there are so many things that you can do with these amazing neutral rugs.

Two layered neutral rugs- Jute rug is from Amazon Top Moroccan Rug is from  Target

Two layered neutral rugs- Jute rug is from Amazon Top Moroccan Rug is from Target

Below are my top six picks for neutral rugs for summer (or all year long).

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1.) Natural Area Rugs Anchor Leather Rug - I just ordered this rug for Carson’s room. You need to see it up close the detail is amazing. I am going to layer a faux cow hide on top to add even more texture. This is a perfect neutral rug for layering.

2.) Glacier Diamond Rug Project 62 - This is the Project 62 Target rug in the above picture. I have it layered on my jute rug in my family room. I get asked about this rug all the time on my Instagram account.

3.) Ivory Argyle Trellis Pearla Area Rug - This rug is one that I desperately want for under our dining room table! I love the colors and textures of it. I also love that while neutral it is a little darker to hide those stains that my children love to make.

4.) Ivory Diamond Textured Trellis Tassel Waffell Area Rug - This is a rug I would LOVE to put in Sienna’s room. I feel that it is so feminine and I love the texture and design of it.

5.) Poly and Bark Casablanca Area Rug - I just got this rug in an 8x10 for our Master Bedroom. I love the design and that the colors will go with anything.

6.) Beige Moroccan Trellis Pickette Area Rug - This is just one of my favorite neutral rugs. I have seen it in a lot of houses and I feel like the design can go well with many different styles.

So tell me which one is your favorite, ? Let me know in the comments below :)

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