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Summer Home Tour - Peep my Pad

Summer Home Tour - Peep my Pad

Woo hoo, Summer is almost here, and to celebrate, I have teamed up with 21 amazing ladies and we all wanted to invite you into our homes for a Something Different Summer Home Tour. All of these ladies inspire me on a daily basis and I think you will enjoy peeping into their homes just as much as I have. So be sure to check out the links on the bottom and go and visit their beautiful homes after I walk you through mine.


First, I wanted to start by giving you a little background information about our house. My husband, George, and I bought our home over three years ago when I was pregnant with our daughter Sienna. We could only afford a fixer upper so we gutted it and redid almost everything on our own. Remodeling a house while pregnant is something I wouldn’t recommend; it is no joke. We finished it just in time to welcome Sienna, who is now 3. It is a labor of love and we are proud of everything we did and all that we learned (Google and Youtube were our new best friends ) So lets get this partayyyy started.


1.) Dining Room

This was a spot that I wanted to make light and bright. I had old bookcases so I painted them white and styled them, then added bold wallpaper for an accent wall. I love mixing the old with the new so I found this one of a kind reclaimed wood table on Let Go then mixed in some white Target chairs. Styled throughout my bookcases are my grandparents heirlooms, thrifted finds, and some of my old books from college. I love mixing styles and finding items that have a story behind them. Last, I color blocked the wall for a pop of color.

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2.) Family Room

This is the room that gets the most light so I wanted to be sure I added a lot of plants for texture. So, I turned our sun bench into a giant plant stand. In this room we re-did the fireplace with stacked stone and added some colorful artwork that tied in well with all the plants. We also added baseboards and crown molding throughout the room. I wanted it to have a beachy bohemian feel with touches of modern elements. I also love layering, so I added a couple of rugs in here. Last, I wanted to make my artwork pop so I did a color block behind it.


3.) Living Room

Our living room is our most used room in the house, next to the kitchen, so I wanted to make it functional yet appealing. I went with soft neutrals throughout but also incorporated a DIY Gallery Ledge, modern plant hangers and some other modern designs. The couch itself is easy to clean and practical but the items around it add some warmth. We also re-did this fireplace on our own. More than anything I want my home to feel welcoming and a place that someone will want to come and hang out in.


4.) The Kitchen

This is where we probably did the most work in the house. Below you can see the before and after pictures. We took hammers to cupboards, knocked down walls, added pantries and lightened up the entire place. We also added a new window and removed another one. This is definitely the heart of the home, it is where we always gather. George is the cook I can pretty much only make a mean scrambled egg…..maybe :)

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5.) The Upstairs Bedrooms

Last, but certainly not least are the bedrooms. We have four bedrooms upstairs, the master, Sienna’s, Carson’s and our guest bedroom. We did the most work in our room, by adding a closet and reworking the master sink, but there is still a lot I would like to do. We also did a lot of work in the bathroom upstairs (there was carpet there) YIKES! Below is our master bedroom, our bathroom and a DIY bench that we put in our room. Keep scrolling to see the rest of the upstairs.

Carson’s Bedroom

Carson’s Bedroom

Sienna’s Bedroom

Sienna’s Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

Thanks for joining along for the tour, if you want a more detailed description of the budget breakdown (Click Here)

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