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My New Favorite Rug Company

My New Favorite Rug Company

Alright, lets talk rugs! It is so important to find a rug that works well for your space. It has to be the right color, the right size, the right texture and of course, the right amount of comfort! There are so many area rugs online that it can seem overwhelming. I thought it would be fun to give a review of my new area rug that I just put down in my living room. It is made from the Bashian rug company, who has been a family owned importer of handmade rugs since 1931. So lets take a look at why I love this rug so much!

My new  Bashian Rug  in my living room.

My new Bashian Rug in my living room.

This is the Amalfi Rug, one of their newest collections, in light blue. I have attached a picture of it below with a link if you want to check it out.

I love my new rug for so many reasons, but I wanted to name the top three.

First, it is insanely soft, like my new dog wouldn’t get off of it soft, even when we were trying to lift the couch to put it under :) Ya that wasn’t easy my friends. I love how my feet feel on it barefoot and for a girl that loves her fuzzy socks, that is saying a lot.

Second, I love the fact that they did an amazing job combining classic style with modern living. This rug is modern but it still has elements that make it classic. The colors blend together perfectly to create a look that is so unique.

Third, the versatility of it. This rug has colors that could work well in pretty much every part of my home. I am already thinking about playing my favorite game, musical rugs, and moving it to the dining room in a couple months. The fact that the colors are cool and soothing create a modern design that makes this rug easy to move around.


I wanted to show two other favorites from this amazing rug company. Bashian takes great pride in being the longest running, family-owned importer of handmade rugs in the U.S. and it shows!

I love that this one is bohemian yet still holds modern elements with its design. Plus, I love the detailing and how bold it is. I was eyeing this one for our front room in the summer.

Once again, I love the classic modern look of this rug. It is neutral yet the play with minimal patterns and amazing textures adds intrigue. I have my eye on this one for Carson’s room.

You all know that I only do reviews of brands that I truly enjoy and stand behind and the Bashian company is one of them. Another amazing thing is their rugs are available in Houzz, RugsStudio, RugsUSA, Amazon and Incredible Rugs so they are easy to find and purchase. Woo hoo! I will list their main web-site and instagram handle below for you to check them out.

Click HERE to buy the Amalfi


So tell me which one of these three is your favorite?



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