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My Favorite Small Shops

My Favorite Small Shops

I am a huge supporter of small shops. I find that these men and women hustle and always have one of a kind, quality products. I love spreading the love for them so I thought it would be fun to do a roundup of some of my favorite small shops. I wanted to give you guys a variety of items, so from pillows to prints, go show these shops some love!

1. A Naber Pillows -Click Here

Not only is this women a boss babe designer with a home that is draw dropping, she also makes beautiful pillows. I own a couple and the quality and design are perfection. They are all one of a kind and hand made. She has a variety of sizes ranging from larger lumbars to 17 inch squares. She is constantly restocking and thinking of new designs and the fabrics she sources are gorgeous. So go show this lady some love today!

2. Braid and Wood - Click Here

If you are a plant lover like myself it can be hard to find the perfect plant hanger. Well, look no further friends! Jenn over at Braid and Wood has designed a plant hanger that is absolutely stunning! I always get questions about the plant hangers in my living room and they come from the lovely Braid and Wood. She has a variety of sizes and different wood bases. You will LOVE these!

3. The Garage Collective - Click Here

The Garage Collective is located right up the road from me in Laguna Beach. If I could choose a shop to live in, it would be this one. They have a mix of pillows, rugs, and jewelry that are all unique and beautiful. I want one of everything from this store and the owner, Kristin, is such a sweet person. You will fall in love with her shop as well as her.

4. Vida + Luz- Click Here

This lovely company is owned by the amazingly talented Jessica. She incorporates hand cut and hammered brass pieces as well as other natural elements, like driftwood, to create wall hangings/mobiles that are unique and versatile. I own two of her pieces, but honestly I could put one in every single room.

5. The Printed Home- Click Here

This shop is owned by Melanie and she offers Modern Art prints for your walls. I have a piece of hers in my family room and in my living room and they are both awesome. She also recently launched an apparel line and I seriously need to order one of every single shirt. She is so talented and not only is her home amazing she is a sweetheart.

There are so many amazing small shops out there. If you know of some leave them in the comments below, I would love to feature them next! Have a wonderful day!



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