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Summer Bucket List for Kids

Summer Bucket List for Kids

Summer with kiddos can be so fun, but also trying to keep them entertained can be hard. I put together a list of 20 activities to do with your kids that is low in cost or completely free. I have done some of these and some are on my Summer Bucket List. Hope this helps you make the most of your summer :)

1.) Make Slime - All you need is Elmer’s Glue and they sell pre-made solution now! It is the easiest thing to make, and they have such fun options now (Glow in the Dark, Metalic, Color Changing)

2.) Campout in the Backyard- I used to love doing this as a kid. Just pitch your tent, put out the sleeping bags and have a fun filled night outside for free.

3.) Baking Soda Bombs- Who doesn’t like making something blow up? Click Here for the recipe.

4.) Make S’Mores- whether outside, or over your stove this is such a fun activity for kids, and not to mention delicious.

5.) Visit a Local Firestation- Who doesn’t love a firetruck? Find out when your local fire stations are doing tours and head on down for some fun.

6.) Take an Art Class- Our local YMCA does art classes for kids, there are really cheap ones around the community.

7.) Visit a Nature Center- Find a local nature center and go walk around, hike and see when they have tours.

8.) Water Balloon Fight- They sell the easiest water ballons now, 100 balloons filled in one minute!

Click here  to buy on Amazon

Click here to buy on Amazon

9.) Dollar Store- Head down to the dollar store and see what they have. Usually they have cheap crafts or activities. Make it a treasure hunt and let them each pick out a couple of things.

10.) Make a Bird Feeder- There are really easy bird feeders you can make. Set it out and then do some bird watching. Here is a link for 32 home bird feeders

11.) Paint Rocks- Grab some paint, a paintbrush and find some rocks in the backyard. Then paint them, it’s a fun, easy twist on painting. Then put them around the house to display.

12.) Tie Dye Shirts- They have Tie Dye makers where you just add the coloring. You can buy a super cheap shirt and have some fun. Here a link for a kit.

13. ) Visit a Jump House- Go burn off some of that energy! It’s a workout for you too :)

14.) Go Berry Picking- There are so many local berry farms, Sienna LOVED to pick strawberries. Sometimes they have tractor rides or other fun activities as well.

15.) Picnic at the Park- Just a fun twist to eating lunch at home. Grab a blanket, a basket, and some teddy bears and go have a picnic at the park.

16.) Sidewalk Chalk- The tried and true method, who doesn’t love drawing on the sidewalk.

17.) Plant Flowers- This summer we planted sunflowers. Go to the store , have them pick out the seeds they want and then teach them about gardening.

18.) Visit a Farm- Whether there’s animals there are not, the kiddos will love walking around the farm.

19.) Finger Painting- They have paint specifically designed for finger painting, get some old pieces of cardboard and have them paint them with their hands.

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20.) Build a Fairy Garden- Girls and boys love this. They actually have kits you can buy or you can go to a craft store and pick out all of the supplies yourself. Here is a kit.

There you have it, twenty things to do with your children in the summer. Hope this helps keep your children entertained. Which one is your favorite?



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