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Five Tips to Styling  a Shelf

Five Tips to Styling a Shelf

When it comes to shelf decorating ideas it can seem overwhelming. There are so many different options for shelf decor out there a lot of people don’t know where to start. I want to share with you five tips on how to create a decorative shelf in order to have the perfect “shelfie”.

1.) Grab Everything You Need

The six objects I recommend grabbing are books, frames, plants, vases, bowls and any other decorative objects that you are going to use (so I guess it could be more than six :) ha. Place them all on the table and look them over and see what color patterns you have going on. You want to make sure you have a consistent color palette with all of the items.

2. ) Put In the Things That Take Up the Most Space

This is usually books. I like to always start with my books because they are usually the largest of my objects. I place them both horizontally and vertically so there are varying heights. Also, don’t be afraid to place books in a way you normally wouldn’t. On my shelf I have the pages facing outwards in some parts in order to create a more neutral color palette.

Image Via  Maison de Pax

Image Via Maison de Pax

3.) Add Art or Pictures

Next place your art or pictures on the shelf. If you have space for art that is awesome, layering it also creates depth and is visually very appealing. If you don’t have room for big art pieces you can add picture frames. In my case we didn’t have room for art but I wanted to add some personal touches, so I put picture frames that were consistent with my color scheme. You want to make sure they are spread out. Not all the art or pictures should be in one spot, you want to create a balanced look. Additionally, make sure the art is consistent with your color scheme.


4.) Add Plants

I almost always add plants to my shelves, they are a wonderful way to add texture to a space. Once again, make sure that not all the plants are placed in one spot. Spread them out and make sure that there is varying heights.

5.) Add the Rest of Your Objects

Now fill in the empty spaces with the rest of your objects (vases, bowls ect.) Stack things on top of books, layer them in front of plants, play around with it until you find the perfect balance that makes you feel good and you are visually pleased with your shelfie.

On a side note I do all this and then change it multiple times until I find something that I am happy with. It takes a lot of tinkering but in the end I love my shelfie. Another tip to changing up your shelves without spending money is shopping your home. See what objects you already have lying around the house and see how you can incorporate them into your shelve designs.

What is your favorite thing to decorate with when you create your shelfie?



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